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Xiangtan Evergreen is a professional Chinese supplier specializing in the manufacturing of parts and components for the waste industry.The company's business scope includes but is not limited to: container parts, roll-off container parts, roll-off hoist parts, roll-off truck parts,caster and accessories,dumpster and compactor ratchet binder etc.

As a industrial and trading company,Xiangtan Evergreen invested in a waste-container-parts manufacturing factory and has built a comprehensive procurement network in China to provide our customers with as much as they need.Due to our customers' continuous demand in these years, we still continue to expand our product supply chain in a  more comprehensive direction.

In the past 15 years since our establishment, we actively expand the production and procurement channels of products in waste industry, improve the quality of products and satisfaction of services, furthermore, we strengthen the cooperation with the local environmental protection departments to provide help within our ability, fulfill social responsibility.

The philosophy at Xiangtan Evergreen is to strive to become the leader in the manufacturing of spare parts in the world waste industry and become one-stop site for our customers who purchase spare parts for waste industries in China.

Today,we serve hundreds of customers across the US,the British and Canada.Today,we maintain a stable partnership with many well-known companies in waste industries.Today our team continues to grow,our skilled workshop workers and experienced quality inspectors made us meet our customers needs in terms of product quality and service.

We look forward to building an evergreen partnership with you!

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