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31" Door Latch For 10 Yard Container

Item No.: ROCP-DL31
· Standard three sizes of door latches for 10-40 yard roll-off containers.
· This type used for 10 yard roll off containers and hook lift containers. 
· Use industrial steel plate as material.
· Thickness: 12mm.
Application Specification
Door latch, also called door lock mechanism, were produced by industrial steel plate. There are three standard sizes of Evergreen’s door latches, generally used for 10-40 yard roll off containers. 31" door latch system is made up by a door handle, a moving bar, a mounting bar, a bottom latch and one latch. Different sizes of roll off container determine different number of latches. This type are usually used for 10 yard roll-off containers.
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
ROCP-DL31 31" Door Latch For 10 Yard Container 31" 37.25" 2" 4" 0.5" 20
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