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Both Ends Threaded Lid Rod

· Both ends threaded.
· Standard 1/2-13UNC thread lid rod for installation.
· Length can be custom-made flexibly.
· Include two self-locking nuts.
· Zinc plated.
· Available for front load and rear load containers.
Application Specification
Lid rod,also called hinge rod,is used by sticking into reserved holes of plastic lid with several hinge ears anchoring to accomplish the assembling of the lid and dumpster.Length of our Lid rod fits to universal front load container and rear load container.it can be customized flexibly according to customer's requirement as well. 
As for the type, we recommend four classic types that used most: both ends threaded lid rod,one threaded one bent lid rod,one bent one hole lid rod and one end threaded with drilled hole one end bent lid rod.
Among them, the first type is the most cost-effective choice and our self-locking nut could keep themself from sliding out of the screw bolt.
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
CONP-LR6505-TT 0.5"x65" Both Ends Threaded Lid Rod 0.45" 0.5" 1.5" 65" 1.35
CONP-LR7505-TT 0.5"x75" Both Ends Threaded Lid Rod 0.45" 0.5" 1.5" 75" 1.55
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