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Cast Iron Drain Plug

· Used with drain flange for dumpsters and containers.
· Iron: hard to be broken but easier to be rusty than plastic type.
· Threaded to ensure good fit, easy to install and remove.
· Five sizes available: 0.75", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2".
Application Specification
Drain plug for front load containers and rear load dumpsters makes liquid drained from trash bins without having to siphon or tip them over. Evergreen’s drain plug all threaded to ensure the good fit with drain flange. In daily use, generally retain or carry liquids by blocking or sealing the drain plug, and when we need to prevent accumulation of liquids inside the dumpster,just simply remove the plug. Cast iron drain plug features substantial structure and hard surface,won't be broken when lifting dumpsters up and down.
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
CONP-DP075CI 0.75" Cast Iron Drain Plug  0.75" 1.25" 0.05
CONP-DP100CI 1" Cast Iron Drain Plug 1" 1.25" 0.08
CONP-DP125CI 1.25" Cast Iron Drain Plug 1.25" 1.25" 0.11
CONP-DP150CI 1.5" Cast Iron Drain Plug 1.5" 1.25" 0.13
CONP-DP200CI 2" Cast Iron Drain Plug 2" 1.25" 0.18
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