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Caster Swivel Lock

Item No.: CP-BRK-BB
· Steel material swivel lock kit.
· Used for clamping caster yoke.
· Fully zinc plated.
· Includes: Ring, spring, axle and swivel lock body.
· Used for heavy duty casters and super heavy duty casters.
Application Specification
Caster Swivel Lock
Caster swivel lock, also called butterfly brake kit, is welded to the plate of the yoke to control the movement and direction of casters. It features an axle which controls the swivel action of the caster in one of four positions.
Caster Swivel Lock includes a ring, an axle,a spring and swivel lock body.Generally,we weld this lock onto the plate of a swivel yoke.When we pull out the ring, the axle will be released to go into the notch and clamp the caster wheel from rolling. This kind of caster brake works well and is suitable for a variety of styles of casters application. 
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
CP-BRK-BB Heavy Duty Caster Swivel Lock 0.44" 2.36" 0.63" 7/8" 0.32" 0.12" 0.15
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