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Phenolic Rigid Caster

· Hardness of Phenolic wheel is among 85D to 95D.
· Standard Phenolic Black color.
· High bearing capacity and superior resistance to water, oil, chemical and high temperature.
· 4x4.5" top plate,fully zinc plated double welded yoke with 5.5mm leg
· Include 1-3/16" roller bearing with spanner bushing,1/2" grease zerk fitting axle and self locking nut & plastic sealed washer.
· Rigid type caster yoke, running direction fixed.
· Available brake options: side brake,total brake.
Application Specification
Phenolic rigid caster consists of phenolic resin wheel and rigid yoke. Phenolic resin wheel is made of macerated fabric mixed with phenolic, creating a tough compound comparable to the hardness of a bowling ball. These phenolic wheels resist hard impacts, most chemicals, oil, and high temperature.
This wheel may be not the quietest but generally quieter than steel or completely-aluminum wheels. It can hold a lot of weight and is good for stationary load. When searching for a reliable and durable solution for extra heavy duty projects in high temperatures, phenolic caster would be a great choice for industrial and warehouse applications where impact and chemical resistance are necessary.
Phenolic rigid caster runs in a fixed direction during the application due to its rigid yoke.
Item No Item Name Dimension Load Capacity(lbs) Weight
C-PH42R 4"x2" Phenolic Rigid Caster 4" 2" 5-5/8" 800 1.8
C-PH52R 5"x2" Phenolic Rigid Caster 5" 2" 6.5" 900 2
C-PH62R 6"x2" Phenolic Rigid Caster 6" 2" 7.5" 1000 2.4
C-PH82R 8"x2" Phenolic Rigid Caster 8" 2" 9.5" 1200 3
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