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Polyurethane Ground Roller with Axle

· Mold-on polyurethane tread for floor protection.
· Three sizes of diameters,lengths usually range from 6" to 12",also can be customized.
· Includes 1-1/2" carbon steel axle with grease fitting for lubrication.
· Default 6mm body thickness, 6mm Polyurethane thickness, accept customization.
· Made of heavy-duty steel tubing. 
· Welded on either end of the tube.
·  Default color is green,polyurethane color can be customized.
Application Specification

Green moldon polyurethane ground roller, also called PU bogey wheel, is generally used on waste containers for application requirements such as quite condition,fragile floor and indoor facilities. Evergreen’s polyurethane ground roller is made of 6mm thick layer polyurethane bonded to industrial heavy duty steel tubing to guarantee its extremely high weight load capacity while protecting floor surface. As one of the most important parts of roll off containers and dumpsters,Evergreen offer you multiple options for brackets and most complete dimensions of rollers to make sure you could get what you need.Each roller comes with a carbon steel axle with a zerk grease fitting for lubrication.
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
ROCP-PUGR0606 6"x6" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 6-5/8" 6" 6.75" 1.5" 8.5" 8.6
ROCP-PUGR0608 6"x8" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 6-5/8" 8" 8.75" 1.5" 10.5" 10.6
ROCP-PUGR0610 6"x10" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 6-5/8" 10" 10.75" 1.5" 12.5" 12.8
ROCP-PUGR0806 8"x6" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 8-5/8" 6" 6.75" 1.5" 8.5" 11.2
ROCP-PUGR0808 8"x8" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 8-5/8" 8" 8.75" 1.5" 10.5" 13.8
ROCP-PUGR0810 8"x10" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 8-5/8" 10" 10.75" 1.5" 12.5" 16.4
ROCP-PUGR1008 10"x8" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 10-3/4" 8" 8.75" 1.5" 10.5" 17.6
ROCP-PUGR1010 10"x10" Moldon PU Ground Roller with Shaft 10-3/4" 10" 10.75" 1.5" 12.5" 20.5
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