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Polyurethane on Iron Core Rigid Caster

· High bearing capacity and superior resistance to water and chemicals.
· 4x4.5" top plate,fully zinc plated double welded yoke with 5.75mm leg.
· Include 1-3/16" roller bearing with spanner bushing,1/2" grease zerk fitting axle and self locking nut & plastic sealed washer.
· Rigid type caster yoke, running direction fixed.
· Hardness of Polyurethane(PU) wheel is among 90A to 95A.
· Standard green PU with black painted iron core or red PU with silver painted iron core,both have a zerk fitting for bearing lubrication.
· PU color and paint color are optional.
Application Specification
Moldon polyurethane on cast iron wheel is made of polyurethane tread and a cast iron core, which is super durable and strong. Polyurethane(PU) caster’s excellent capable of long service under heavy loads and resists oil, grease, water and industrial solvents. This kind of wheels is a truly versatile type, for they can be used on virtually any floor surface. Polyurethane wheels also deaden sound with the floor-protecting qualities of rubber. Their non-marking, non-staining qualities combine with their resistance to impact, shock and abrasion make PU casters more cost-efficient.
Mold on polyurethane(PU) rigid caster runs in a fixed direction during the application due to its rigid yoke.
Item No Item Name Dimension Load Capacity(lbs) Weight
C-PU42R 4"x2" Polyurethane on Iron Core Rigid Caster 4" 2" 5-5/8" 700 2.1
C-PU52R 5"x2" Polyurethane on Iron Core Rigid Caster 5" 2" 6.5" 900 2.5
C-PU62R 6"x2" Polyurethane on Iron Core Rigid Caster 6" 2" 7.5" 1000 2.9
C-PU82R 8"x2" Polyurethane on Iron Core Rigid Caster 8" 2" 9.5" 1100 3.6
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