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Heavy Duty Caster Swivel Yoke

Item No.: Y-S-SERIES
· Type: Heavy-duty caster swivel yoke.
· Double weld legs for superior durability.
· Apply to nearly all kinds of 2" tread width caster wheels.
· Zinc plated.
· Pre-reserved square hole used in conjunction with side brake.
· Ideal for waste bin and waste dumpster.
Application Specification
Evergreen provides swivel caster yoke and caster wheels in caster accessories to meet customers' replacement needs during the use of caster. Evergreen’s swivel yokes have heat treated double ball bearing raceway for stable performance and extended life. In contrast to rigid caster yoke, Swivel casters yoke can change direction. Forged industrial steel and zinc plated surface ensure our yoke with great load capacity and superior rust resistance. This kind of heavy duty swivel caster yoke is assembled with caster wheel, which is great for waste bin, cargo conatiners and waste dumpsters. 
Item No Item Name Dimension Weight
Y-42S 4"x2" Swivel Caster Yoke 3-5/8" 2.48" 1.2
Y-52S 5"x2" Swivel Caster Yoke 4" 2.48" 1.3
Y-62S 6"x2" Swivel Caster Yoke 4.5" 2.48" 1.4
Y-82S 8"x2" Swivel Caster Yoke 5.5" 2.48" 1.6
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